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SmartDrive Protect

A virtual ride-along to protect your small-fleet vehicles, drivers and business. 

SmartDrive Protect is a video-based safety platform designed specially for smaller fleets, delivering big-fleet capability even if you’re protecting just a few vehicles. The device can be installed in about 30 minutes and provides continuous road and in-cab views, alerting drivers to hazards and coaching them in transit. It can provide the all-important video evidence that can save your business from a ticket or false insurance claims in the event of an accident.

Protect Your Business

80% of accidents are caused by passenger vehicles, but motor carriers are found liable more than 90% of the time. With a continuous stream of recorded video, SmartDrive Protect can provide the video evidence that can shield your business from fake insurance claims, multi-million payouts, and punishing rate hikes that can destroy it.

Protect Your Business with Video Proof

Drivers are more conscientious when someone is with them. With SmartDrive Protect, you’re there virtually. You see the road, front and back, and inside the cab, recording speed, lane changes and all driver activities. Drivers get AI-based hazard alerts and audio coaching while they drive.

The Best Tool to Build a Safety Culture

If you’re responsible for a small fleet up to 25 vehicles, a video safety platform is essential.  Remember, in smaller fleets, even one driver or vehicle down because of an accident can have a big impact. And in  an accident, small fleet operators don’t have big resources to protect themselves. But they can have SmartDrive Protect.

Smart Drive Protect is Specially Designed for Small Fleets

Crash forensics remains an imperfect science. If there were safety programs available that could both enhance driver performance AND provide visibility to what really happened in a crash, would you invest in that program? Of course, you would! Well, that capability exists today in the form of video-based safety systems.”

Don Osterberg, Safety Advisor and former SVP, Schneider

Video Safety Is No Longer Optional

Large trucks and buses are involved in more than 10,000 injury crashes a year. Passenger vehicles are at fault most of the time. Yet it’s usually the fleet operator, always an attractive legal target, who’s found liable. The costs can be enormous.

Insurance payouts have risen to as high as $100 million or more. Premiums skyrocket. Your entire business may be at risk for something that isn’t even your fault.

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Innocence only matters if you can prove it. 

SmartDrive Protect improves safety performance by making drivers more aware of their own actions and giving real-time coaching and safety alerts to drivers. But accidents still happen, and road- and in-cab facing video can provide the video evidence that could quickly exonerate your driver and your business from harmful lawsuits.

With SmartDrive Protect’s fast installation and easy pricing, every fleet can afford the protection of a video safety platform.

You can protect any fleet type.

SmartDrive Protect is compatible with any vehicle: delivery vans, pick-ups, tractor-trailers, school buses, passenger cars — all vehicle classes.  From livery fleets to last mile to interstate trucking, SmartDrive Protect is the right solution for your fleet, drivers, and business.