Route Planning and Route Optimization Software for your Fleet

Meet customer demands with AI-enabled planning, routing, and dispatching applications that help you execute along optimized routes and autonomously respond to exceptions.

See the savings that comes with intelligent routing

Improve last-mile logistics

Go beyond GPS routing and trucking dispatch to optimize delivery for your customers with the best routing software available. AI-enabled route optimization and planning solutions from Omnitracs lets you:

  • Automatically analyze data and events from past deliveries to optimize truck routing
  • Keep business rules and customer requirements in mind when planning routes
  • Give hours back to your teams so they can focus on strategic tasks
  • Provide the best delivery experience for your customers with the best route optimization application 

Omnitracs gives us the ability to calculate mile savings, route savings, and get the most efficient use of our resources. It’s a great fit for us because the tool set is very robust and it’s very intuitive for the user.”

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Key benefits of last-mile routing software

Optimize your fleet routing with an intelligent, automated solution. With Omnitracs route mapping software you can: 

  • Enhance customer experience with the flexibility to add last-minute orders and track routes and real-time ETAs
  • Improve communication between drivers and back-office teams with easy-to-use tools
  • Increase revenue by reducing fuel usage, operational costs, and vehicle wear

Route optimization made easy

Omnitracs route planning software lets you avoid hardware installations and start optimizing routes and freight dispatch quickly. Using one centralized routing platform you'll be able to easily track assets with real-time ETAs, and establish performance metrics for drivers to continually optimize your operation.

Plus, our customer support teams are available 24/7 to help with setup and training for seamless integration of our route scheduling software into your operation.