Unlock the full potential of your fleet's safety program with managed services for video safety.

While video cameras are valuable tools for assessing driving habits, a truly effective program goes beyond mere installation. Managed services offer a comprehensive solution, helping fleets set performance standards, reduce legal liabilities, and provide unbiased coaching to drivers.

In this ebook, discover how a managed services program can:

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Download our eBook to discover how managed services for video safety can make your fleet safer and save you time and money.

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Help fleets set performance standards

Discover how our managed services can elevate your fleet's safety standards and drive success both on and off the road. Download our ebook to learn more about Solera's comprehensive approach to fleet safety management.


Reduce legal liability and exonerate drivers

Enable objective, unbiased coaching

Improve driving skills

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5 Key Advantages of Managed Services

Unlock the full potential of your fleet’s safety program. Take the first step towards safer roads and optimized fleet performance by downloading our free ebook today.

And because the services that lead to these results are managed for you by video safety experts, it removes a substantial burden from the fleet safety or fleet operations manager.