Enhance your Fleet Operations with Omnitracs Driver Workflow Solutions

Increase Driver Retention with Modern Technology 

Today’s drivers have more responsibility than ever when on the road. From driver workflow to compliance, safety to routing and dispatch, only Omnitracs offers a complete fleet management system to help you streamline the driver experience.

Download our ebook to discover 5 ways you can increase driver retention with modern technology. Topics include:

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Bring it all together
Modern technology makes the driver's life easier by provide a single place to enter and access load information, logbooks, navigation and more.

A truck driver's job is already stressful. By providing drivers with a modern driver workflow application, you can make their lives easier. Learn more by downloading the ebook today.

Offer intuitive interfaces
High resolution touchscreen devices allow longer, more substantive communications between drivers and the back-office.

Limit the context shift
When drivers have to switch between manifests, HOS logs, pre-trip inspections, training, and other separate applications, they can lose their sense of place, which slows them down.

Make data collection easier
Through intuitive, dynamic workflows and camera-enabled scanning, today's driver workflow apps can more uniformly capture accurate and up-to-date information.

Increase morale with more steady pay
On the road, drivers are only paid when moving. By employing a driver workflow application that connects systems and processes, you'll limit the time their rigs sit idle.


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